With a team of dedicated physicians and nurses on staff, Transfusion Medicine Specialists provides quality wellness care for patients who need therapeutic phlebotomy treatment. Transfusion Medicine Specialist (TMS) is a non-for-profit 501(c) (3) company responsible for the management and direction that will serve patients in Florida. Our clinics offer a unique service for patients who need transfusion services such as therapeutic phlebotomies and therapeutic apheresis while offering timely appointments and on-site evaluations by our medical staff. 


Transfusion Medicine Specialists (TMS) is expanding to provide a full range of Therapeutic Apheresis (TA) services in addition to the therapeutic phlebotomy services currently being provided. TA is a general term describing an automated procedure in which blood is separated in its components with the purpose of removing harmful substances from it. The Jacksonville TMS clinic is the only location at this time with an active outpatient therapeutic apheresis program – coming soon.

TA procedures include cellular depletions either cellular depletions (such as leukapheresis and plateletpheresis) or blood component exchanges (such as plasma exchange and red blood cell exchange). At our TMS clinic in Jacksonville, we will be providing these types of procedures: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, Red Blood Cell Exchange, Red Blood Cell Depletion, and Platelet Depletion.

Our team of nurses have 24/7 access to our team of physicians, all Board Certified in Transfusion Medicine, who are also available for consultation on patients as needed. Our medical staff can assist with the formulation of a therapeutic plan including:

• Volumes to be exchanged or treated
• Replacement solutions
• Frequency and number of procedures
• Lab tests to monitor response

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To provide quality healthcare services with compassion and confidence and to ensure that we surpass the expectations of each patient that we treat.


To provide outstanding healthcare that enables our patients to enjoy the benefits of increased wellness.


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